Over the years I've tried many score writing programs for creating printed music. I settled on an old version of Sibelius. Things were fine until an apple update for my mac meant that I could no longer use the version of Sibelius that I had bought. The update to Sibelius would have cost just shy of £600.

Needless to say I looked around for a replacement. I was lucky enough to find an open source application called Musescore. Open source means free to use also in this case free to download.

I find it a great replacement giving me all the functionality that I need and a great deal more.

Most of the recent music on this web site has been created using Musescore. I find it a little easier to handle than Sibelius, it seems to work in a more intuitive way, things are where I expect them to be. With Sibelius I was forever getting the book out because I'd forgotten how to do something simple.

So if you create any kind of printed music I recommend that you look at Musescore, it certainly works for me.

You can find out more and dowload a copy here:


If you try this application out and have difficulties I could maybe help as I have been using it for some time now.