Tune Sets

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The Orange and the Blue/Unknown Strathspey ***NEW***

Schottische a Virmoux/Jour d'été ***NEW***

The Tongadale Reel/Knockdhu Reel

Grace Hay's Delight/Drummond Castle/Stool of Repentance

Juniper Jig

John D Burgess

Palmer's Gate/Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh

Shaalds of Foula/Da Brig/Garster's Dream

Jack Broke da Prison Door/Donald Blue/Sleep Soond Ida Mornin'/Lasses Trust in Providence/Bonnie Isle of Whalsay

Another Jig Will Do/Foxhunter's Jig

The Lark in the Morning/Jig of Slurs

The Snowy Path/The Butterfly

Whitby Marches (No names for these tunes, any help appreciated)

Aiken Drum/Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Further Into the Fire/The Grande Chain

The Cup of Tea reel

Donald le Blue/McFarlaine O' the Sproats O' Bernie Boozle

Silver Spire/Swallow Tail

Two unknown jigs (If anybody knows the name of either of these tunes could you please let me know)

Wallace and Gromit

The Bluebell Polka (The Lincolnshire version with four parts)

The History Man

The Marquis of Lorne/Rowley Burns

Margaret's Waltz

The Merry Blacksmith/Wind That Shakes the Barley/Saint Anne's Reel/High Reel

The Poppy Leaf/The Golden Eagle

The Primrose Polka (My version)

The Scholar/Sally Gardens/The Barmaid


Autumn Child

Woodland Flowers

I'll Buy Boots for Maggie/Brendan Begley's Polka/O'Connor's Polka

Bradley's Gallop (One for Max)

Max's Russian Hat

The Dionne Reel/The Mouth of the Tobique

The Headlands March

William Ritchie Esquire/Hugh McKenna's Reel

Walpole Cottage

Captain Maguire/Huntsmen's Chorus/Davy Davy Knick Knack

Walter Bulwer's No 2/Walter Bulwer's No 1

Dashing White Sergeant/JB Milne/Caddam Wood

Leather Away the Whattle O/Rakes of Mallow/Maggie in the Wood

Spootiskerry/Flowers of Edinburgh(Scots version)/The Drunken Piper

The Dorset Four Hand Reel

Soldier's Joy/Statten Island/Morpeth Rant

The Nutting Girl/Jenny Lind

Harper's Frolick/Bonny Kate

Will's Way/Rochdale Coconut Dance

Chinese Breakdown/The Crooked Stovepipe

My Love is but a Lassie Yet/Flowers of Edinburgh(English version)/Astley's Ride

La Russe

The Fisherman(Hamish's Tune)/The Sword of St Columba

Woodland Revels

Marching Through Georgia/Joe Egan's Polka/The Hopeful Lover

The Willow Tree/Tripping Upstairs/One Horned Sheep

Durham Rangers/Speed the Plough

Goodbye Girls I'm Going to Boston/On the Road to Boston

Tipsy Parson/The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue

Wiltshire Six Hand Reel/Drunken Sailor

Hogmanay Jig/Lemonville Jig/The Quarryman

Rakes of Kildare/Saddle the Pony

Little Burnt Potato/Dancing Dustman/Jump at the Sun

Oyster Girl/Rig-a-Jig

Scattery Island/Caliope House/Going to the Well for Water

Ten Penny Bit/Shandon Bells/Blackthorn Stick

Stow Quickstep/Hot Punch

Sweets of May/Dingle Regatta

Major Mackie's/Muckin' O Geordie's Byre/Smash the Windows

Uncle's Jig/Fiery Clockface/Atholl Highlanders

Cumberland Reel/Whose Jig

Merrily Kissed the Quaker/Blarney Pilgrim/Banish Misfortune

Para Handy Polka By Jimmy Shand.

Millennium March

Orang-utan-go One of mine.

The Marino Waltz

The Tender Trap

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine/The Kelso Accordion and Fiddle Club

Rowley Burns

The Beautiful Goldfinch


The Little Whitewashed Chimney/Back Up and Push

Huntingtone Castle

The American Husband/Peacock Rag